Tigard Dentist Offers Mercury Free Dental Fillings


Dr. Justin Marostica a Tigard Dentist offers mercury free dental fillings.  As you might know Mercury is a known poison in fact it might be one of the most toxic of all the elements.  What makes your silver fillings potentially dangerous is that they contain this toxic element mercury.  Mercury can in fact be absorbed through skin and even inhaled all from your silver fillings.  It will them accumulate over time in the bodies tissues and can ultimately become toxic to the entire body.

There is much research on the subject of Mercury toxicity and the relevance of amalgam fillings be a contributing factor.  The American Dental Association take the stance that the mercury levels found in many amalgam fillings is rather inconsequential when it comes to mercury toxicity of the entire body.  They even have years of research to back their claim on their website.   There also much research that proves that even the amount of mercury found in amalgam fillings is harmful to the body.  It can even be a contributing factor to such diseases like depression, cancer, kidney disease, and Alzheimer’s.  If you don’t buy they claim that mercury can cause these diseases then the one thing that is true is that mercury can cause poisoning by accumulating is the body’s organ systems such as the brain and kidneys.

So we are now faced with a dilemma since both sides of the issue have compelling arguments about mercury.  It use to be that if you did not want amalgam fillings because of the mercury your only option was gold.  But with the advances in dental technology and materials we can now offer porcelain or composite fillings (tooth colored).  These fillings not only don’t contain mercury, but they also restore the function of the tooth and its natural appearance.  Obviously there is not better material then the natural tooth, but dental composites can mimic the feel, wear, and appearance of teeth with reduced exposure to mercury.

Mercury Free fillings by Tigard Dentist Dr. Justin Marostica
Mercury Free fillings by Tigard Dentist Dr. Justin Marostica

Tigard Dentist Dr. Justin Marostica of TenderCare Dental is proud to say that he is a mercury free dentist.  He not only avoids using amalgam fillings he takes pride in providing the latest in dental technology and materials to cosmetically restore each tooth.  He also takes specific precautions when having to replace amalgam fillings thus eliminating his patient’s exposure to the toxic vapors and particles of mercury.

If you are concerned for your health and want to avoid mercury visit Tigard TenderCare Dental and ask Dr. Marostica or call 53-670-7088 for you appointment today.

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