Reclaim Your Smile with Dentures!

Reclaim Your Smile with Dentures!


Everyone wants a perfect smile. For people who are missing teeth, however, these marketing campaigns can serve as an embarrassing reminder. All is not lost! Dental innovations have come a long way. Full or partial dentures are a great solution to replacing missing teeth and restoring a smile.



If the idea of dentures makes you think of ill-fitting, unnatural mouthpieces, you’re not alone. Fortunately today, they’re uniquely built to fit seamlessly into your mouth. Depending on the number of teeth lost and the location of the missing teeth, a dentist may advise one of two options.



The first option is full dentures. These differ from partial dentures because they are primarily for people with a lot of missing teeth in various sections of the mouth. To get full dentures, there must not be any remaining teeth. Once the mouth heals in two to three months, the full dentures are ready to wear!



partial dentures



Partial dentures are primarily for people with a few missing teeth, ideally in a single line along the upper or lower jaw. In this case, the replacement teeth can bond to a gum-colored plastic base, connected to biocompatible metal framework or acrylic base. Then the framework can attach to the natural teeth on either side of the toothless space to hold it firmly in place.



Dentures are strong, durable and natural-looking. The process of creating dentures begins with detailed measurements and an impression of your teeth and jaw by  your dentist. During this appointment,  you can help design a denture system that works for you. The shape, color and size of the replacement teeth will be custom-made to fit comfortably in your mouth. The results are better oral health, an easier time chewing, improved speech and a whole lot of confidence, which is always something to smile about.



full dentures



It all starts with taking the first steps. The TenderCare Dental team is dedicated to helping you achieve a happy and healthy smile. For the latest and greatest information about additional treatments best suited for your specific needs, schedule an appointment today. With eight locations around the Portland area, the best in dental care is never far away!

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